Parents With Disability: The Right to Raise Their Kids


Parents who have disabilities frequently confront parental rights difficulties, such as the right to raise children, whether biological or adopted. According to current statistics, there are 4.1 million parents with disabilities in the United States. Parents with disabilities are at risk of having their children taken from them, and removal rates for a psychiatric disability are as high as 70-80% and 40-80% for intellectual disability, respectively, with 13% of parents with physical disabilities reporting discrimination in custody disputes.

Many households without impaired family members believe that neurotypical and able-bodied parenting is the norm. “I feel we need to see more handicapped parenting in the media landscape, so it becomes part of the national consciousness,” says Heather Watkins, a member of the National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities advisory board. “We need to demonstrate family dynamics and how disability adds dimension to parenting, the benefits of having a disabled parent(s), and how adaptable, outside-the-box thinkers many disabled parents are.”

With this in mind, A Hard Act To Follow provides quality home health care to make sure that disabled parents can still raise their kids at home. We strive to help create a positive, enriching atmosphere where our clients can continue raising a family despite the challenges of disability.

Accessible health care in Missouri is important in raising a family, disabled or not. Thus, guarantee reliable and compassionate home health care so that parents can focus on their kids while we assist with household and personal chores.

As a provider of home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri, we offer services, such as continence management, medication management, meal preparation, companionship, and mental health support so that parents can still receive complete healthcare without having to leave home.

To learn more, feel free to call 314-328-1355. We also offer homehealth care internship.

A Hard Act To Follow is a community that believes in advocacy! WE DON’T MIND fighting for what’s right!

CEO – Danny Lawrence

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