Nutrition Guide for Seniors or People with Disability


Our bodies change as we age, as do our nutritional needs and tastes. Seniors or people with disability face a variety of difficulties, including decreased activity and appetite, a reduced taste pallet, and health concerns that may limit their food alternatives.

Considering home health care can benefit seniors or people with disability in a variety of ways, particularly in terms of nutrition. A Hard Act To Follow will guide you on the best nutrition and feeding approach for seniors or people with disability.

The nutritional demands of seniors or people with disability, such as a low-salt diet or foods to avoid, must be considered. Furthermore, great consideration should be given to consistency, temperature, and texture to keep dental work in place and prevent choking. Cutting up foods in appropriate portions is part of proper feeding strategies. Our caregivers strive for a range of properly prepared, delicious, and nutritious dishes that are served appealingly when providing home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri.

Caregivers must be patient when assisting seniors or people with disability or restricted mobility to eat. Position the person with their head slightly flexed and their chin downward when eating, and adjust their seat to the appropriate table height. Those with vision difficulties should be guided with caution.

While a caregiver is present to help seniors or people with disability, it is also necessary to promote independence. It is not the responsibility of a caregiver to deprive seniors or people with disability of their dignity or their ability to make decisions. Instead, caregivers are there to support what they can achieve and to foster their autonomy and independence to the greatest extent possible.

Sign them up for meal service to take the risk and stress out of meal preparation and cooking!

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