Improving Your Life in the Face of Parkinson’s Disease


Receiving a diagnosis is a life-altering experience. This is especially true for progressive health conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease. Whether you require mental support or any type of support, we are here for you.

Here at A Hard Act To Follow, it is at the heart of our services to accommodate seniors or people with disabilities. We strive to achieve this not only via our home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri, but also through guiding the community we serve.

In light of this, allow us to give some advice on how to proactively improve your life despite having Parkinson’s Disease. The most important thing you can do is seek help. By getting the proper assistance and education, you can conquer any obstacles that will come your way. Early intervention will also help you better understand and manage your condition.

You may also considerably benefit from using home health care in addition to getting assistance from your primary doctors. Other steps you can take are to:

  • Learn everything you can about the condition.
  • Discuss your plan of action with family and friends. Involving them in the process is ideal to facilitate positive outcomes.
  • Utilize the resources and support services provided by your hospital and community.

If you’re looking for accessible health care in Missouri, you’ve come to the right place!

We also offer a homehealth care internship for individuals who wish to further their healthcare careers. Call us for inquiries!

A Hard Act To Follow is a community that believes in advocacy! WE DONT MIND fighting for what’s right!
CEO – Danny Lawrence

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