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My company start date was May 24, 2021. What made me want to open up my home healthcare agency is that` I am a visually impaired person, and I had this service. And sometimes the service was good but a lot of times the service was bad. My goal is not just to be a home healthcare agency, but I would like to be a disabled community. There have been times when I had home healthcare. If the weather was bad or if transportation was not up to par that I would suffer, it means that I might have to eat out some nights when this is not planned in the budget or I need to go to the grocery store because I have nothing in the refrigerator. By creating a community, my clients are never alone and how I got the name of my business is that I took an improv class in college and at the end of the semester we had a competition called “comedy sports.” There were three teams that were put together and we were the first act, I told the crew that if we were going to be the first crew, we were going to be a hard act to follow and we truly were a hard act to follow because we won the competition.

Our Mission Statement

We will be serving those who are disabled and/or senior citizens. We will be doing this in a caring, professional manner so they can remain independent and achieve a quality life at home.

Our Vision Statement

Helping all people live as independently as possible, one client at a time

What Is Home Health Care?

A Hard Act to Follow Definition
Successful home health care occurs when a client is satisfied emotionally. It is when a client is satisfied emotionally, has improved high self-esteem, and moves as close to independent living as possible, at his or her pace. A Hard Act to Follow knows that everyone doesn’t learn at the same pace, but as long as the client sees improvement, our organization can go to sleep comfortably, knowing they’re making a difference in the world, one client at a time. Our business believes that a client should be happy in his or her residence. Our association does not believe in simply placing an employee with a client. We believe that the client and the employed should have compatible personalities. If there is a personality conflict, that will result in a poor working climate for all people involved. And how will our corporation achieve this task? By giving the employee, as well as the client, surveys, we can get the best match possible for the client. A Hard Act to Follow believes that if, and when, you need our services, we will give you the utmost care in your time of despair. Get Home Healthcare Services in St. Louis, Missouri, now.

A Hard Act To Follow work climate will follow under these guidelines:

  • Fairness – people deserve fairness from their employer, manager and supervisor and respect it, even if they may not like the results for themselves personally
  • Honesty and integrity – honoring your word, being upfront with customers and associates during good and bad times, is paramount to our success. As my father was fond of saying, “The only way through trouble is straight through it”
  • Respect – “To whom much is given, much is required/expected” – our management team and ownership must earn the respect of our associates – up, down and sideways – every day. There is never a place for a sense of entitlement from anyone in our company
  • Hard work and fair compensation – from the beginning our success hinged on us having, “a bad case of the want tos”. No one is owed employment or compensation without measurable contribution
  • Frugality and attentiveness to costs – these qualities are appreciated by customers and associates and are critical to any organization’s survival
  • Desire to please – striving to please is a driving force that differentiates Kenco from other companies
  • Empowerment – employees should feel free to make decisions for which they are accountable; allowing people to feel they are making a difference makes them more passionate about their work
  • Camaraderie – having a common denominator with customers, suppliers and fellow employees creates an important bond in these relationships
  • Empathy – we must always strive to see things from the perspective of the “person on the floor”. These people are the back bone of our company and they should always feel appreciated for their commitment to our success
  • Communication – everyone needs to feel a part of an effort. Being informed about what is expected of each employee and having that communicated on a timely basis goes a long way toward ensuring this.

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