Providing care and help
woman giving towel to an elderly man

To provide Home Healthcare Services in St. Louis, Missouri, such as daily living skills, to those who need them, and we will do this in a positive, friendly atmosphere. And the means how we will do this is we will train our employees to perform these duties at the customers’ house: dietary, dressing/grooming, bathing/hygiene, toileting, mobility/transfer, preparing meals, washing dishes, cleaning floors, cleaning kitchens, cleaning baths, cleaning living areas, making bed/change linens, tidying & dusting, laundry, washing windows/blinds, trash (bag and put out), shopping/transportation, correspondence, clean/maintain equipment, ostomy hygiene, catheter hygiene, bowel program, aseptic dressing, passive range of motion, and transfer lift.

We are a home healthcare agency who is disabled providing services to those who are disabled, such as daily living skills such as the following:

Personal Hygiene

  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Oral
  • Nail and hair care

Continence Management

A person’s mental and physical ability to properly use the bathroom


A person’s ability to select and wear the proper clothes for different occasions


Whether a person can feed themselves or needs assistance


The extent of a person’s ability to change from one position to the other and to walk independently

Companionship and Mental Support

This is a fundamental and much-needed IADL for daily living. It reflects on the help that may be needed to keep a person in a positive frame of mind.

Transportation and Shopping

How much a person can go around or procure their grocery and pharmacy needs without help

Preparing Meals

Planning and preparing the various aspects of meals, including shopping and storing groceries

Managing a Person’s Household

  • Cleaning
  • Tidying up
  • Removing trash and clutter
  • and doing laundry and folding clothes

Managing Medications

Our approach is either hands-on or hands-off (if the client wants us to teach them we will do that) or if the client is unable to complete the task themselves the employees will do it. The age range is 18 to unlimited.

Keep in Touch

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