Who are your patients?
Our services are for senior citizens and people with disabilities who need or can benefit from our home health care services.
What services do you offer?
Our services include personal hygiene routine assistance, companionship, household management, medication management, and more. Find out more services we offer here: https://www.ahardacttofollow.com/home-health-care-services.
How do we know home health care is what we need?
It is important to know that you are on the right path and that you receive the appropriate services you need. To know if home health care is what you need, you can consult your physician as they know about your health situation. You can also meet with our professionals to discuss your situation and how we can be of help. Set an appointment here: https://www.ahardacttofollow.com/home-health-care-set-an-appointment.
I am interested in helping you and your patients. Is there any way for me to help?
Yes, there is. You can send your donations here: https://www.ahardacttofollow.com/home-health-care-donation. If you want to help us in improving our patients’ situation with your expertise, you can apply here: https://www.ahardacttofollow.com/home-health-care-join-us.
I want to learn tips and techniques for assisting my loved ones. Can you give me some?
Soon, we will be posting educational blogs which can include tips and techniques, health issues, home health topics, and more. You can find them here: https://www.ahardacttofollow.com/home-health-care-blog. Please stay updated.