Grooming for Seniors and People with Disability


One’s appearance is something valuable to a person albeit in varying degrees. Some people have it on priority while others may be alright as long as they feel presentable. The same thought process is experienced by our senior loved ones or family member with a disability. At some point, they may be concerned about how they appear.

An important element of one’s appearance is grooming. While there may be more challenges for seniors and people with disability, accessible health care in Missouri ensures you and your loved one receive the best care possible. We start by covering the basics – a person’s personal hygiene.

Personal care and grooming are just general terms. The concept can be divided into bathing, clothing, skincare, nail care, hair, and so on. One must identify the most important personal hygiene activity based on the situation. The highly observant care provider also pays attention to the activities that the client can do and prefer to do by themselves. We offer our assistance in every way but we honor their wishes to be independent in some tasks. When we have the chance to help them bathe or get dressed, we do so respectfully to keep their dignity and confidence in us.

A Hard Act To Follow has been a trusted provider of reliable home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri.

Aside from our tried and tested care programs, we also offer homehealth care internship. Learn more about this feature on our website.

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