Bathing Tips for Senior and Person with Disability


We often take showering before work or taking a soothing bath for granted, but for persons with mobility issues and seniors, simple tasks like bathing can be difficult or even dangerous. Thus, they must have someone assist them with their personal hygiene to avoid harm. Keep these suggestions in mind when assisting their loved ones during bath time.

  • Maintain Comfort and Modesty

    The thought of adding another person to their bathing ritual makes many seniors and persons with disabilities uneasy. Give them something that would comfort them such as a small towel or let them wear a swimsuit.

  • Consider Hiring Professional Support

    Home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri can be provided by a professional caregiver from A Hard Act To Follow. If your loved one has been avoiding having to ask you or another family member for assistance, he or she may prefer this choice. Caregivers can assist with a wide range of everyday duties, from bathing to meal preparation and all in between.

  • Ensure the Bathroom is Safe

    The dread of falling or slipping is often enough to keep seniors from taking a shower or bath. Install the necessary bathroom equipment, such as handrails in the shower and near the toilet, raised toilet seats, and a shower bench.

  • Get the Proper Accessories

    You can purchase certain equipment to make the process safer and easier. Install nonslip adhesives on the floor and grab bars around the edge of the shower or tub to lessen the possibility of your loved one falling.

We provide flexible and accessible health care in Missouri to assist seniors and people with daily bathing, grooming, and dressing while maintaining dignity. To learn more about our service and homehealth care internship, contact us today.

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