Approaches to Help Patients Manage Their Medications


Medications may be one of the most common items that seniors and people with disabilities look out for. Whether it is to maintain their health, manage pain, cure an illness, or other reasons, following a prescription down to every line is a must.

While there is no question about its importance, we can be flexible in its approach. After all, we are dealing with human beings. We understand how they have their preferred way. An effective caregiver works with the approach their client prefers. We listen to what your senior parent or person with a disability says and we do what we can to honor that choice.

Depending on their preference and capabilities, we can take a hands-on approach or a more lenient “hands-off” strategy. Some clients prefer a caregiver to take charge of remembering the dosages and sticking to the schedule so they do not have to worry all day. Some clients are more in charge of their health and they prefer to lead their meds unless, of course, they request help.

Managing medications is part of our home healthcare services in St. Louis, Missouri.

At A Hard Act To Follow, we make accessible health care in Missouri possible for all.

Visit our website for more information. We also provide homehealth care internship. Call us at 314-328-1355 for more details.

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CEO – Danny Lawrence

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